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  • Brickset Forum seed part winner 2015 - 2017

  • Runner Up - The Toybox Comp 16 & 17

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Lego is more than a plastic building brick to me; it is a tool for me to release my artistic expression and explore the limits of my imagination. To me LEGO bricks are a tool and exploration into playfulness & whimsical ideas, that I can turn into a physical object.

As an AFOL I have been a member of the community for as long as I can recall, officially becoming a part of a registered LEGO user group in November 2014 with no intention to sit still. In the years I have been registered I've made life-long friendships and produced countless custom creations, winning multiple competitions over the years. I frequent Brickset and LEGO Ideas however Twitter & Instagram are where you can find me most of the time.


This is amazing!!!! Thank you so much rdflego
— Thomas Sanders, YouTube personality

rdflego is the pseudonym of the twenty-something Roan Fryer. Roan has been building LEGO sets since age three with the goal to work in the toy industry. Having attended a school of business he has gained diplomas in Entrepreneurship and Creative sectors to make this a reality.


Coming from a rural background he has always been fascinated by machines and city infrastructure. After moving from the countryside at the age of ten to a big city his interests have never faded, leading him to invest his time into metropolitan cities around the country to study what makes them tick. Roan currently works in the law enforcement industry as an Apprentice Engineer.



  • I am not available for freelance hire

  • My creations are not for sale

  • Everything on this site is my own work unless stated otherwise

  • I have no link with the LEGO®️ Group or any affiliate organisations, I am merely a fan

  • All thoughts and views expressed are mine unless stated otherwise


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