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Dude, Where’s My Park? - rdflego builds a city

Where is the park? What progress is being made? Well to cut a long story short the park has been disassembled and the bricks have been stored away, so I suppose this is the end of the project.

Ta da!

Why did you give up?

Throughout this project I have had to focus my attention to other, more pressing projects in my personal life that require dedication and hard work to achieve. These projects all came to fruition around the end of January/beginning of February and meant that I needed to make some adjustments to the way I planed out my time. The park was presenting me with a few issues and the easiest ones to tackle so I disassembled & sorted the pieces over a weekend.

Did you finish the park?

Nearly; I have the materials necessary to complete the roller coaster which would have been the final issue to resolve. I had a few goes at it before I took it down.

What happened to the park?

All of the pieces have been carefully disassembled and stored away in my sorting trays ready for another project. I still have a few thousand bricks to sort but that won’t take more than an evening to achieve.

What is the next project you’re building?

I have a few ideas but I’m not sure. I want to get back into building some architecture because it’s been awhile since I made a good facade. I want to try out some refined building techniques that I have been playing around with for a few weeks, scaling them up and tackling those challenges would be nice. You can probably expect to see the start of a new city over the weekend over on twitter.

Anyway, that’s kinda that. Thanks to all who chipped in with suggestions for the park. I’m going to go ahead and get started sorting those bricks but if you have any neat architecture that I should look at it, please write a comment below or contact me on social media with the links beneath. See you in the next project!

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