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What have I got myself into - rdflego builds a city

I’ve been producing custom creations since I was four years old when I was given my first LEGO set back in 1998, but I’ve never had anywhere to store them. Leading up to the 2016 festive season I made my first attempt at building a custom LEGO winter village on a shelf I’d cleared in the living room. The village consisted of custom made buildings, a railway, a waterfall, etc. which looked very jovial with Architecture sets mixed in to make fountains, ice structures and to produce a forced perspective. It looked great as a centrepiece for the living room and everyone who visited us through December marvelled at the scene.

Seeing people enjoy my creation reminded me why I visit LEGO shows because I have always been the one marvelling at the exhibits - but building the winter village helped me experience what the other side of that transaction is like. Instead of marvelling at someone else’s work, people were appreciating my creations and I quickly became addicted to that feeling.

This is why I want to build something else that people will enjoy looking at and large enough that it will test my abilities, push my knowledge of the LEGO system & be a challenge that I can sink my teeth into. As per the title, I am indeed going to be building my own LEGO city. But it won’t look like any other city you’ve seen before.

My influences;

Over the last few years I have enjoyed watching several YouTubers create their own cities and they have helped me understand the ethos that my city is going to have;

Jangbricks has shown the world the benefit of having a completely custom city because you can make buildings any size you want, with any style you want to fit into any space. Most importantly Jangbricks has taught me to design my layout with the minifigure in mind. Paths should be wide enough to accommodate minifigures, buildings should be filled with details in order to communicate the hustle and bustle that a modern city is infused with.

Alex Nunes has a taught me that a real city isn’t always skyscrapers and stadiums. A city can be made up of older modest buildings sitting next to modern residential areas. A city can also be placed anywhere in the world because Alex Nunes has his city situated next to a large shore line with a port and seaside airport not too far away.

Other YouTubers have taught me that a city can be overfull and that it doesn’t take long to turn what could be a good city into a rat’s nest of confusion. Roads where trains cross on multiple occasions, monorails that can’t fit a minifigure travelling ridiculously short distances, sidewalks where minifigures don’t have space to walk - these are the situations I want to avoid with my city. I want my city to be spacious with the opportunity to expand. So with the space I have this will mean that I will only be able to build a section of a complete city.

The space I have set aside is the top level of a bunk bed that I have managed to squeeze into my Brickcave that you can see in the video below.

So, what is my city going to look like?

In truth, I don’t know yet. I have a theme in mind that I haven’t seen many adult fans of LEGO try before mainly because it’s complicated, time consuming and requires some planning. But all that said my LEGO city is going to be a theme park, with a roller coaster!


Here are some of the YouTube channels I think will play a pivotal part in this project;

3 Brick Friends - I saw their spooky theme park at the Great Western Brick Show back in October of 2016 and they have executed the theme park idea brilliantly. Their channel is filled with information on their build that I can take advantage of.

Sariel - I have never been good at creating my own creations with LEGO Technic but Sariel has a wealth of useful techniques and even a book that I can read to help bring my park to life. I hace a feeling that the roller coaster may require quite a bit of Technic.

Beyond the Brick - They post almost daily interviews with builders from across the world discussing the creations they find at conventions. They have advice from the most experienced adult fans that I will use in my theme park.

I am already making progress on my park so I look forward to your feedback as the park progresses. The next article will be published shortly.

For updates on the custom city/theme park you can follow us on Twitter (@rdflego) with custom builds highlighted on Instagram (@rdflego) from here onward. There is also going to be detailed articles on the park’s progress right here at but if you have some useful advice then post it in the comments below because I’m going to need all the advice people can give me!

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