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Rumours from London Toy Fair

What did LEGO release at The Toy Fair in London today?

First of all this is just a condensed list of the leaks and speculation that have emerged throughout the day. I do not have any special insight into what was released, I have no connections with the LEGO Group and I have not attended the fair. I have not seen any of the sets below in person and I have gathered these rumours by scouring the internet throughout the day. These could be accurate or wildly off the mark, I've tried my best to provide sources for this speculation.

Disclaimer out of the way what has made it out into the real world today?

City Jungle set 60161 - Jungle Research Station/Location

We first heard that the City line was going to take a turn into the jungle back in 2016 and this set confirms that those rumours are correct. This set looks like it will be the flagship set of the theme in summer 2017 including four yellow/WALL-E orange vehicles and six explorers. The vehicle's range from a simple motocross bike that we’ve seen endlessly thrown into city sets before, a small helicopter with pontoons, a 6 wheeled amphibious car that uses the oval 4x6 bar from the volcano sets, and finally a large 4 wheeled van that could be a mobile HQ.

A new kayak is also included with a double-ended oar. Looks like it is made from three pieces; a new mould for the paddle used on both the ends of a 4L bar with the kayak probably being a one-piece mould like the canoe in 60057. Speaking of new moulds the large clam shell is redesigned to look like a venus fly trap which we will presumably see in green. A crashed plane is also included with this set made from the usual canopy with an engine and propeller stuck to the front. Finally a beige structure raised on three supports stands on top of a platform made from the largest ugly rock pieces. It’s purpose is to drop a boulder onto unsuspecting victims beneath it like something from Indiana Jones. I look forward to seeing this set when it’s officially released.

Star Wars set 75184 - Advent Calendar

Let’s cut to the chase; the santa-themed Star Wars character this year is BB-8. From what I’ve heard the only difference to his usual design is that he has a santa hat on and that’s it. I very much want to be wrong on this and I hope that something else has been changed on the little guy but it seems unlikely. We get the usual amount of mini-models included, this year featuring the Millennium Falcon, Krennic’s shuttle, First Order Transporter (aka Atmospheric Assault Lander), AT ST and some other Force Awakens builds.

And that’s kind of it from today. We are only about a week away from the Nuremberg Toy Fair so we can expect a lot more to be revealed in the coming week or so. In the meantime here are my sources for the information that came out today and some rumours we have already heard. If you have information about the toy fair today that I haven’t seen then let us know in the comments section below and tell us how you found out about it.

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