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Top 10 LEGO Sets To Get In Early 2017

Here in the UK we are days away from the first 2017 sets hitting the high street. Whilst American stores have been releasing 2017 sets for the last few weeks we are about to encounter the first wave of sets being sold in British stores, with Argos already stocking some Star Wars sets today. Now is the perfect opportunity to countdown the top 10 sets that we are looking forward too at the start of 2017.

10. Vacation Batman

In February of 2017 Warner Brothers is going to be unveiling the LEGO Batman Movie in theatres across the world and with it LEGO are producing a new series of Batman Collectable Minifigures (CMF). The most anticipated CMF we are looking forward to is Vacation Batman who is dressed for the pool with goggles, wet suit and flippers. The helmet is likely to be a one-piece mould with goggles included but the more interesting piece is the rubber ring circling Batman’s torso. With any luck this will be a rubber mould that actually provides some buoyancy to the minifig and helps Batman relax in the sink or bath, however I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s hard plastic. The masked rubber ducky ring is going to be a great addition to our minifig accessories.

9. Pizza Van

The city line is well known for its super simple and super sturdy vehicles so it’s no surprise that the Pizza Van from the City theme is following in its predecessors footsteps. What is interesting is the subject matter and the pieces included to make pizza mobile within the city. The idea is that the City Pizza franchise can come to the home of minifigs or to public spaces to serve pizza as well as having a moped sent out to make local deliveries from the van. The 2x2 printed tiles and the 1x1 quarter circle tiles are great additions to any AFOLs’ bustling city and I’m looking forward to my sigfig chowing down on them in 2017. There’s also some interesting recolours of existing pieces like the rock crystal in Bright Yellow to make fries

8. Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace

Back in 2015 Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle was one of the best selling LEGO sets that Christmas and it has since been retired surprisingly close to this Christmas, certainly earlier than I had initially thought it would be. This 2017 follow up set has the pedigree to be one of 2017’s best selling LEGO sets and I’ve included it at number 8 simply because I’m curious to see how well it performs throughout the year. Olaf gets a new chest design with a 1x1 round tile that I expect to be a print and Marshmallow the ice monster makes his first appearance in a LEGO set. This set is sure to be a fan favourite next year.

7. Aira's Air Ship and the Hunt for the Amulet

Elves has been a much loved theme for me throughout 2016 and the spattering of sets we can expect in 2017 continue to have interesting pieces and recolours. Aria’s Air Ship has recolours for one or two Technic pieces in Warm Gold and several cockpit elements in Lavender. But the main attraction are the new Goblin figure and a boomerang piece that the Batman line will introduce in January. Elves will take us deeper into their world this year and this set is sure to be popular with children when it is released later next year, especially with the new gold details included

6. Stephanie’s House

I own a few of the Friends houses that have been brought out over the years and Stephanie’s House looks like another great addition to the range. The house is the standard half-relief building that we are a custom to but this building includes several architectural elements that helps it stand out from the others. The corner doorway pieces brought out with the Assembly Square are used to good effect in white to create a bay window at the front of the house, together with decorated window panes to add some finer details. Also included is a complete pie made from 1x1 printed quarter round tiles and some useful stickers that will be great for any minifigure home.

5. Y-wing Starfighter

The X-wing and Y-wing Star Wars spacecraft LEGO have produced over the years are always fan favourites with AFOLs and I fully expect 2017’s Y-wing Starfighter to be a sought after set next year. Next years rendition of the Y-wing features sublime greebling and excellent part usage throughout with a smaller amount of stickers used than I would normally expect for a Y-wing set. On the spacecraft you can expect to find ice skates, ingots recoloured in Light Bluish Grey, droid bodies and even pieces in Sand Blue included throughout. Sure to be a hit with Star Wars fans across the galaxy, this is likely to be another great 2017 set.

4. London

In 2016 the Skyline series of Architecture models were very popular with my friends and family, especially those who had not experienced much LEGO before, so I’m looking forward to more of my friends discovering the theme in 2017. The London set will feature five major landmarks from the city’s skyline with the London Eye being the most striking and the Elizabeth Tower being the most prominent. This skyline is sure to look stunning next to other sets with similar depths. The set is actually already available for purchase despite it being a 2017 set; since the 16th of November at the Flagship store in Leicester Square, London customers have been able to get this exclusive and it is well worth the trip down to London just to see the store and get this set.

3. Old Fishing Store

Despite there being no official product images of this set yet I am eagerly anticipating this Ideas project simply because of the source material it is working from. The log cabin design and high level of detail could make this an outstanding building to rival many modulars if LEGO produce the set correctly. Unfortunately we are unlikely to see any images of this set until a quarter of the way through 2017 but that doesn’t dampen my anticipation of this project. More on this project as it develops.

Pre-production image

Pre-production image

2. The Penguin Arctic Roller

The second Batman Movie set to make it into this list is one of the most bad-ass looking LEGO cars I have ever seen them produce. This 1920’s inspired behemoth is reminiscent of the pink Thunderbirds Rolls Royce and looks like it has been taken straight out of a comic book. The contrast of the dark undertones on a predominantly white car help to evoke malice and evil whilst the gold fixtures shout extravagance and ego. Despite the odd touches of red seeping through this car is perfectly suited to the Penguin villain that we are expecting from the movies. The set also includes a new umbrella piece that we had seen glimpses of with Lester, the official store mascot of LEGO’s Leicester Square store. I’m sure many AFOLs will be purchasing this set just to give Lester his umbrella that we saw in the promotional material.

1. Assembly Square

Assembly Square is the 10th anniversary special in the Modular Building line. Being sold directly to customers from LEGO this set is a stunning addition to the Modular Building line featuring several throwbacks to previous sets from the past ten years. The homages range from a minifig scale version of the first modular in the line, pram, interior details and many more but nostalgia aside this is still likely to be a fantastic set by itself. Introducing many new pieces including tiles, bricks with studs on the side and a new corner doorway this large set is going to be a fantastic addition to any AFOLs city. I’m certain that many of my friends already have reminders set to order this set as soon as it can be purchased at the end of December/beginning of January. This is going to be great parts pack and trip down memory lane for us all.

And there we have it! Those are the top ten sets that we are looking forward to at the beginning of 2017. We understand that this list has probably missed one or two sets that you might be looking forward to so tell us what you think we missed in the comment section down below. Alternatively you can tell us under the CONTACTS page or by using social media to @rdflego. We’d like to know your thoughts so we hope to hear from you soon.

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